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Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Grinning Cat. Sherlock Holmes in the Nautilus Adventure. Shirlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure.The Missing Authors Trilogy.


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Sherlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure

This adventure is afoot......

The following story, Sherlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure, which I refer to as book three of the Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Authors Trilogy, is one of the most odd and unusual Sherlock Holmes adventures ever written by his trusted friend and biographer, Dr. John Watson. They have shared many an adventure together over the years, and I would say Sherlock Holmes' fame is due in equal parts to Sherlock's uncanny skills in logic, perception and deduction, and Dr. Watson's outstanding skill as a scribe in collecting and recording their adventures. This manuscript was discovered at the same time as the first two books of the trilogy, and the reader may notice that it seems to contradict much of what Sherlock Holmes many times had previously stated about the absolute impossibility of magic, yet I assure you that it is presented here word-for-word just as Dr. Watson had recorded it so many years ago.

As in the previous two manuscripts, Sherlock Holmes and the "Adventure of the Grinning Cat," (Book One) and "Sherlock Holmes in the Nautilus Adventure," (Book Two of the Missing Authors Trilogy), Dr. Watson had requested that this story not be published until seventy five years after his passing.  Again, as this document was lost for many years and has been just recently rediscovered, the requested amount of time has more than passed, so this story may be published, and presented for your consideration.


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